Idea Mapping and Wireframing

Phase One: Idea Mapping & Wireframing

Idea Mapping Stage

  • Idea mapping is a structured way to visually organize project-related ideas and functionalities.
  • It helps to explore and capture various aspects of your application or website, such as user requirements, features, content structure, and user flows.
  • Idea mapping provides a high-level overview of your project and identifies relationships and dependencies between different elements.
  • It is a helpful technique that enables developers and stakeholders to collaborate and create a successful project together.

Wireframing Stage

  • Wireframing is the process of creating low-fidelity visual representations of UI or specific screens of an app or website.
  • It focuses on the layout, structure, and placement of elements like buttons, menus, forms, and content blocks.
  • Wireframes serve as a blueprint for UI design and demonstrate basic functionality and user interaction.
  • They are created using specialized software or tools and act as a communication tool for developers, designers, and stakeholders.

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